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Traditional IT Support and Cybersecurity Solutions

Why Underdog Cyber Defense

Cyber crime is a 6 TRILLION DOLLAR “industry” and they are constantly evolving.

We are evolving faster!  Small businesses are at the heart of our country. Our team lives, eats, and shops in the areas we service. Our mission is to protect the small businesses and municipalities in our service area from the criminals. 

We are your First, Last and Best Defense

Traditional IT Support and Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber attacks are an ever-present threat to businesses across the country. Is your company ready to withstand a cyber attack? We uniquely combine traditional IT support with Smart Cybersecurity solutions. The result is a security-first proactive experience for our clients.

Many families rely on your business for shelter, food, and income. What happens if your business is not well protected?

That’s where we come in at the ready! To protect you against security threats, ensure your business can continue to provide excellent products and services to your clients and support the families that rely on you.
Discover how our knowledge, experience, and customer service set us apart and why more businesses trust us with their IT Support and Cybersecurity. Our family is protecting your family.

Who We Are

We are an IT Service Provider specializing in Cybersecurity. We help our clients uncover vulnerabilities and risks. We put in Tailored Solutions that help protect their Revenue, Reputation and Legacy.

We are unique among our peers in the industry, like a unicorn grazing in a meadow. We masterfully combine traditional IT support with smart cybersecurity solutions. And what we deliver is a security-first, truly proactive experience for our clients.

We do that by first adopting a security framework that transcends all other frameworks. We use best-in-class cybersecurity solutions. Keep our team educated and ahead of emerging threats.

Guided by our core values, we aim to protect the families that rely on your business for shelter, food, and income. Learn more about our team and what makes us tick. See if our Family can protect your Family.

Underdog Cyber Defense Team

Underdog Cyber Defense Team

Real People Solving Real Problems.

Underdog Team Speaking to Clients

At Underdog, our clients can put a face with a name. We are big on User Experience and Human Interaction. 

New Look, New Name, New Focus

Cybersecurity is at the Core of what we do

Underdog Cyber Defense, formerly known as Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC, has rebranded much like the caterpillar emerging from its cocoon into a beautiful Monarch butterfly. We have expanded our capabilities of providing exceptional IT Support to include smart Cybersecurity solutions.

Our evolution came from recognizing the new security and compliance challenges businesses face. Being that lighthouse guiding ships through a stormy sea of cybersecurity attacks, compliance, and regulations. Underdog Cyber Defense is your First, Last, and Best Defense.

person using black laptop computer

Our Services

Did you know snowflakes are unique? That’s right; even snowflakes that come from the same storm and the same cloud are uniquely different from each other. It’s a scientific fact.
Like the snowflake, your business is uniquely different, even from other businesses of the same size and industry.

Therefore, we tailor our solutions to fit your business. Our services are distilled from our experience working with different businesses and industries. Our solution for your business is that unique combination of services.

  • Cybersecurity

    Hackers are poking and prodding, probing, and testing every porous surface on the internet. Hackers only need to be successful once to win; we help you stack the deck against them with our cybersecurity solutions.

  • IT Services and ITraditional IT Support

    Building a house may not be complicated for some. Is that the best use of your time if it's not what you do? Our Roots are in traditional IT support. Don't struggle. Let us help you. We provide Project Management and IT Consulting.

  • Help Desk

    Have a question? Unsure how to sign into a core software? Our Help Desk services ensure you always find the answers you're looking for so you and your team can stay productive. Have questions, we have answers. Our team is ready, quick, and capable of answering the most challenging IT support issues. In fact, they thrive on challenges. I don't mean to brag, but we are so efficient most calls are solved in 15 minutes.

Take the Next Step

Your Family, Employees and Legacy are counting on you. Take the next step to protect your business better. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 570-243-9205

Industries Served

We provide our customized services to three core industries.


Chuck is the current president of a multi-generational family-owned business. His father and uncles started the company back in 1952. Over time, their business has grown in reputation and has seen substantial growth and longevity. The Challenge Chuck faces is keeping pace with current trends while maintaining a legacy environment. Ensure their computers and network are secure and manageable with their internal IT staff.
We understand Chuck’s unique challenges, and we work with many multi-generational family-owned businesses like Chuck’s to create a unique, tailored IT and Cybersecurity Solution.

Local Municipality And Government

These days, local government agencies are high targets for cyber attacks. No matter the County, City, Town, or Borough size, council members and government officials alike face a unique challenge. You are elected to be the stewards of the residents’ money, to spend it wisely, and to allocate resources that benefit the residents. But what happens when a Cyber Attack hits, essential services are denied, and money is lost?
We work with municipalities to craft a custom-designed cybersecurity solution around their municipality’s needs.

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

Your clients come to you in a vulnerable state. They are looking to your professional care to get them in a better place. They need a safe space for recovery.
Their information should be secure and private. Your cybersecurity plan must be on point and comply with HIPAA regulations as a Mental health rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment center.
We understand the rawness of recovery and the need for compliance and security. Your facility must maintain the “Circle of Trust” your clients seek. We put together tailored cybersecurity solutions that meet your unique needs and help you maintain privacy and trust.


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New Look. New Name. New Focus.

Underdog Cyber Defense, formerly know as Underdog Computer and Network Solutions LLC., has rebranded to communicate that we are now focusing our exceptional IT and network capabilities on the vast challenges associated with Cyber Security.