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Today’s episode on Legacy Listens hosted by Robert Wermuth sits down with Carmine Corridore and Bill Campbell. Carmine brings his expertise in cyber defense, focusing on cybersecurity solutions, while Bill's work with NTSC International Consulting centers around complying with privacy laws and protecting personally identifiable information

A.I., Cybersecurity, and what can be found in the depths of the Dark Web… That’s what we are talking about today with Underdog Computer and Network Support. Technology is constantly advancing at a rapid pace, with new developments emerging regularly. This is a conversation that affects us all whether we like it or not. Follow along as we chat with Owner/President, Carmine Corridore, on how he grew up on Long Island, made the jump to Sciota, PA, and what brought him into the field of IT Support!

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Webinar Replay: Bridging the Gap Between Technology, Cybersecurity and Healthcare

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