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Taming of the Shrew; A Prehistoric Look at Buying IT Services

Prehistoric View on Purchasing IT Services

Prehistoric View on Purchasing IT Services

It is in our nature to want to compare and contrast things. But when it comes to purchasing IT services, it can be challenging. Different IT service providers will say this but not say that. So, when you need clarification, the only thing you are left to compare with is the price of the service or solution. Unfortunately, that price comparison doesn’t consider if the service provider understands your situation and can deliver. It got me thinking: where did all this start? Why do we compare things in the first place?

Let’s Take a Journey to the Past:

Imagine for a moment going back 210 million years in the past. You are one of the earliest known mammals, the Morganucodon, a small, shrew-like creature. We shall refer to him as Morgan.

Picture the climate of the Early Jurassic, which was warm and humid, like Florida in August. The planet was dominated by diverse plant life, including conifers, ferns, and cycads. 

Morgan was a nocturnal creature; he had to be to survive. He needed to hunt at night. Morgan’s diet consisted of insects and smaller animals. 

Morgan lived in an era where the dinosaurs ruled the earth. To survive, Morgan had to make many decisions that literally were life and death. For Instance, he might make food choices that are more readily available but less nutritious to avoid predators. Or, if approached by a predator, quickly compare the size, speed, and distance of the potential predator to decide whether to freeze, flee, or hide. 

Morgan’s decisions needed to be quick, using a combination of his senses and instincts less on complex cognitive processing.

What happened to our friend Morgan? Over time, he evolves, and pieces of his DNA live in every one of us today. 

It got me thinking: how would Morgan buy IT services if he was around today?

Offer a Haven for Security

Morgan would first seek a provider that resonates with its fundamental nature – one that offers a haven of security and efficiency, much like the safe burrows and abundant feeding grounds of its ancient world. Does the provider understand Morgan’s concerns? Does Morgan get a sense he can deliver? 

No Complex Relationships

Morgan needs to move quickly and easily. He can’t be tied down by jargon and tech speak. He needs a provider that speaks a language that even a creature from eons ago can understand – clear, direct, and free of the perplexing jargon that often clouds the modern digital landscape. Here, Morgan feels like a valued partner in this new expedition, not like a client from a bygone era.

24/7 Proactive Solutions:

Morgan was a nocturnal mammal. Having a partner with a proactive 24/7 guardianship resonates deeply with the small mammal, reminiscent of its constant vigilance in a world of towering shadows and lurking predators.

 Agility to React

a willingness to adapt and pivot with the agility of a small creature in a vast forest, catering to its specific needs and challenges. This flexibility and resourcefulness, much like the varied and adaptable diet of the Morganucodon, ensures that every solution is tailored, every strategy well-fitted to the task at hand.

Instinct vs Analysis

Morgan didn’t have time for complex thinking. He had to make split-second decisions based on his instincts, senses, and the direct information ahead of him.  

Complex IT Services Simplified

A little piece of Morgan is still in every one of us; buying IT services shouldn’t be complicated or even distilled down to price. It comes down to the following:

  • Understanding: How well does the IT provider know you or your business? Do they take time to understand your challenges and offer a compelling solution? 
  • Partnership: Do they hide behind big words and complex rules? Do they make decisions for you, not with you? 
  • Tailored Solutions: Do they have customized plans specific to your business or are they counting computers, users, servers, and then putting you in Plan A, B, or C?
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