Cyber Security Defense for Your Business

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

Mental Health Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

Mental health rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment facilities face unique challenges each day when it comes to their information technology and associated hardware. You provide a variety of essential services to people who need it most, and they and their families are depending on you to maintain patient data in a safe, secure, reliable manner.

With our help, you can have peace of mind that your patient and client data is safe and secure. We’ll help your whole team understand how to use your systems for the best, most efficient results, while protecting your business from cyber attacks and other unplanned incidents.

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An Understanding Partnership

Let’s face it — it’s busy at your rehabilitation facility. You need an IT partner that is closer to your problems, a partner that can anticipate issues before they arise. That’s where we come in.

We understand the nuances of your industry and know the kinds of problems that it faces. We’ll get to know your facility’s specific needs intimately to give you an edge. Plus, our commitment to meeting deadlines and performing IT “wellness” visits will prove to be a valuable asset to your operations as you watch your lingering issues disappear!

Urgent Response to Issues

IT issues are a problem for every business, but they’re even more detrimental to organizations like yours. Your issues are urgent and require urgent responses. That’s exactly what we provide.

We keep all proper documentation of your systems so your staff understands where your data is at all times, reducing downtime and more seamlessly navigating issues. Plus, our ProMonitoring alerts let us know when something does go wrong, often even before you do. Your staff may not even realize that an issue has occurred before we’ve handled it!

Safe, Knowledgeable Scaling

Are you expanding and making new building purchase decisions? Now’s a great time to hire us for our IT services. We can help you find the best technology for your needs and help set everything up to ensure seamless scaling for your organization.  We offer GrowthMode™ that addresses the specific needs of your growing office, even when you’re adding new locations. This is more than just putting in an order for new computers — we can orchestrate whatever technological needs you might have within the timeframe you need it, including the following:

  • Finding the right internet partner
  • Fast equipment ordering at the best prices (we work closely with our hardware suppliers)
  • Setup and installation guidance

We’ve even helped clients who already bought a second location and need help fast. We get on the case immediately, addressing whatever issues you might have according to your circumstances and budget. 

Reliable Inventory Management

You have a lot on your plate, so you can’t afford to be waiting for new keyboards, printers, and more to arrive when something decides to fail. Let us handle keeping your technological inventory up to date so you always have what you need.

We know when certain technological items fail and can suggest how many of a certain item you should keep as spares on-premises. These can include docking stations, keyboards, mice, surge protectors, and other essential gear. Don’t wait until an item breaks to order a new one. Keep a realistic stock on-site so your team can get right back to work in the event of equipment failure or breakage.

Advice You Can Trust

Sometimes, you just need some sound advice. We’re always ready to answer your questions and give our opinions on a variety of topics, especially when you’re looking to upgrade.

With our security-first approach, we will give you advice you can trust, knowing your data and systems will be secure after making your upgrade. We know what devices will work well within your system and are always ready to tell you WHY a certain upgrade will be better than another. We give you a deep understanding of your decisions so you can anticipate the impact they will have on your facility.


We’ve spent years helping businesses like yours achieve technological freedom and success. And while we know that every business has unique needs, our experience in the mental disorder rehabilitation facility sector gives us a unique advantage. We can anticipate what problems might occur and propose solutions that solve problems before they even arise.

You’ll get a customized solution that works well with the needs of your organization. Couple that with our unparalleled level of customer service, and you’ll have an IT experience that actually benefits your organization and makes your life easier every day.

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