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Protect Your Legacy: Trust our Family with your Families Security

Protect Your Legacy: Trust our Family with your Families Security

Family-owned businesses have unique technological challenges that let them produce their products to meet their customer demand. To succeed every day, you depend on the proper functioning of your systems, including your computers, tablets, mobile devices, and the software that runs on them.

Much of your operations may depend on internet use, whether you’re receiving orders, providing customer service to your clients, or communicating to team members on and off site. Valuable data is also stored both on-site and in the cloud that is essential for your everyday functioning. If you’re looking to expand your operations, then it’s essential that you protect all of your systems from nefarious forces online. To do that, you need Underdog.

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Family-Owned Manufacturing

Upgrading Your Legacy Systems

Moving past your legacy systems is important for growing your business, but it can leave you wondering how to do it successfully. Doing it yourself can put you at risk of dealing with unplanned problems, but the fresh start provided by new systems could be the key to reaching your business goals. You need an IT partner to help you move in the right direction.

We understand your equipment and how it interacts with your entire system. Our goal is to lower the risk of impact as we upgrade different portions of your system at a time, until all your systems have been upgraded according to your specifications. Our careful, smart approach will ensure you stay operational and achieve your desired outcomes throughout the transition. 

Providing Unsurpassed Customer Service

Are you unhappy with your current IT company? Do they make you jump through hoops to get even simple matters resolved? This can lead to a loss of productivity, and your manufacturing business doesn’t have the time for that.

We’re ready to give you a better experience. We know that each business has different needs in regards to how you want to communicate and interact with us. That’s why we give you knowledgeable, caring services that help you accomplish what you need to do while protecting the larger system. It’s through our flexibility that we can create a level of trust and reliability you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Reducing Your Company’s Internal Stress

Your internal IT resources probably have a lot on their plate, which makes it difficult for them to deal with bigger issues when they arise. This can lead to increased internal stress and a lack of efficiency, causing you to lag behind your goals.

We invest in educating your internal IT team so they can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. When you need our support, we’re there for you the moment you call upon us. Behind the scenes, we’ll be protecting your overall system while managing impacts as decisions are made. You can expect respectful, proactive service from us every step of the way.

Helping You Regain Control of Your Systems

If you’re finding yourself at the mercy of your systems rather than feeling in control of them, we’re ready to step in and help. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand the “why” behind everything that we do, so that you can understand how we reached an end result.

This will help you escape the worry that comes with handling your systems. Instead, you’ll know how your systems work and how you need to interact with them to get the best results. You’ll know how to sign into software and access files right when you need them. And if a question comes up, we’ll be right there to answer it.


We’ve spent years helping businesses like yours achieve technological freedom and success. And while we know that every business has unique needs, our experience in the family-owned manufacturing industry gives us a unique advantage. Here’s how:

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