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Behavioral Health and Psychological Firms

Behavioral Health and Psychological Firms

Your behavioral health and psychological firm face unique challenges each day as they provide a variety of essential services to people who need it most, and they and their families are depending on you to maintain patient data in a safe, secure, reliable manner.

With our help, you can have peace of mind that your client data is safe and secure. We’ll help your whole team understand how to use your systems for the best, most efficient results, while protecting your behavioral and psychological firm from cyber attacks and other unplanned incidents.

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Advice You Can Trust

There are a lot of compliance laws you need to follow, and the regulations are always changing. We’re ready to offer advice when upgrading your systems to ensure you stay compliant.

As a security-first IT provider, we work within frameworks that translate well to many other compliances. By trusting our advice and implementing our proposed strategies, you can stay in compliance. We’ll also give you the WHY behind every decision, so you can feel confident in the impact your decisions will have on your business and its overall compliance.

Urgent Responses

When your firm faces IT issues, they’re urgent. Many of your operations are carried out digitally, and you don’t have time for any of your systems to be down.

We offer reliable IT support and immediate responses during incidents. Our Proactive Monitoring and alerts tell us right when an incident occurs, allowing us to solve them immediately — sometimes before you’ve even realized a problem has occurred. And since we document your IT environment, any one of our team members can solve your problem at any time.

IT Help and Support

Let us be your third-party IT department. We can help you understand and use your technology to better serve your clients. We’ll get to know you on an operational level so we can help train your staff to increase your entire firm’s productivity. Plus, as a security-first company, we ensure your technology will be used securely and efficiently by all. This will give you more peace of mind every day.


We’ve spent years helping businesses like yours achieve technological freedom and success. And while we know that every business has unique needs, our experience with behavioral health and psychological firms gives us a unique advantage. We can anticipate what problems might occur and propose solutions that solve problems before they even arise.

Underdog Cyber Defense has gone through the same rigorous steps as healthcare providers to become HIPPA verified. We have verified our vendors and are ready to sign a BAA to keep you compliant.

You’ll get a customized solution that works well with the needs of your firm. Couple that with our unparalleled level of customer service, and you’ll have an IT experience that actually benefits your business and makes your life easier every day.

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