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How to Bulletproof Your Business from Cyber Attacks


We live in a world where Cyber Attacks are happening at breakneck speeds. I want to apologize for the misleading title, and I am sorry that there is no way to bulletproof your business from cyber attacks.

  The truth is, I wanted to get your attention and educate you. I have spoken with too many businesses that just don’t think they have anything to worry about. While it’s not possible to Bulletproof your business from cyber attacks, and you should stay away from anyone who makes those claims, it doesn’t mean you can’t implement a layered solution to protect your organization. 

Layered Solution: Alternative to bulletproof your business from cyberattacks

What do I mean by Layered Solution? Think of it like a war. Your Enemy can attack you by Land, Sea, or Air. You can even have someone on the inside allowing your Enemy in. So, to protect yourself, you need to have defenses that can cover the different scenarios.

  • The Enemy Within: Business Email Compromises or phishing and wire fraud have become a popular choice for cybercriminals. Learning how to spot these scams is your best and first line of defense. Training your employees is the key.
  • Next-Gen AV: Just having an antivirus on your computer isn’t enough these days. You need an antivirus that can “think” and “hunt.” Using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms turns your antivirus into a virus killer. 
  • Firewalls are still important, but the location may have moved: Many businesses have moved to a hybrid or all-remote business model. A firewall is still essential, but whether it is a physical device or a cloud-based firewall will depend on your exact situation. A firewall’s advantage is that it will lock down all your traffic, so only authorized access to company resources is allowed. Using a cloud-based firewall or a SaSe(Secure Access Service Edge) enables you to move the firewall outside a physical location. It allows the flexibility of remote workers to have the same protection.  
  • Cybersecurity Insurance: Let’s face it, we will all have a bad day someday. Having cybersecurity insurance will help with the financial impacts someday. 
  • Cybersecurity Partner: Implementing cybersecurity solutions is difficult to do for non-professionals. It’s not a set-it-or-forget-it solution. It requires constant supervision. You need to partner with a firm that is truly proactive and security first. You need a Partner with a shared interest in your organization’s success. 

The primary job of a Cybersecurity partner like Underdog Cyber Defense is not to bulletproof your business from cyber attacks. Still, instead, we are preparing you to be insurable for the inevitable. 

If we have done our job well, someday may never come. If you want to understand more about what Underdog Cyber Defense does, book a strategy cal

Carmine Corridore
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